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I support Chelsea, even though I'm not english nor do I live in the UK. I am, however, living in Mexico for the semster, where I hope to find a bunch of Man City, ARSEnal and Spurs games here on TV because of Nery Castillo, Carlos Vela, and Giovanni Dos Santos are all living gods here in Mexico (especially the later two) and hopefully I'll find a good place to watch Chelsea as well.

I hope we have a good season, and we pick up atleast one more player before the window closes (If there is a god PLEASE help Chelsea sign David Villa). Bosingwa and Deco (if he can find his form) look to be great, and I hope we can do well this year. I'm also curious as to why we havent used Ivonavic at all yet we don't let him go off to Milan....Scolari probably won't use him, so why not loan him to Milan and let him get match practice?

On another related note, does anyone want to join in on a fantsy league? I have an account over on the Premier League website and I'm already part of a few leagues and perhaps someone here could set up a TT Fantsy league over on the site, or at Yahoo or ESPN or something like that? I think that would be cool...
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