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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
SempreSami & Jonny,

Great pictures there. And nice one with the Batistuta vid.


Er, it was me enquiring about Dos Santos. Cheers for the reply. BTW, Good luck with your fantasy league venture.

All squad members,

Following on from SempreSami's example (and linking in somewhat tenuously to this morning's Italian theme - he played for a large chunk of his career at Juve; and his most infamous game was his last international against Italy). Here's a compilation of 'The King' (Platini simply called him that), the maestro they called 'Zizou', the player that if I had to vote on who was the very greatest player of recent times I think my vote would go to him - Zinedine Zidane...

Platini is a fool, there is only one true king.
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