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Well, it's all about opinions... I share your opinion of Platini, and think Eric Cantona was an iconic, inspirational, semi-genius for Man U (and he really helped bolster the standing of the Prem. Lge in my view also.) For trophies won though for club (clubs) and country (such as Champions lge and World and I think Euro Cups), Zidane still gets my vote as 'king'. Anyway, both were utterly brilliant - and actually a bit alike IMO in spirit, having sublime touch, feel, skills, etc, an eye for goal, a love of the more physical side (and a tendency to enjoy a bit of aggro! )...

To all squad members,

Do post up your club crests, crowd scene pics, fave players, funny photos, etc - this thread will only be as good as your contributions make it... and talking of funny photos... here's one who many will not miss here in England (perceived as arrogant and provocotive), and many others will (charismatic and funny.) I subscribe to the latter view (and he was a big time winner as well.) Shall be v/interesting to see what happens at Inter... annyway...

BTW, Good luck ppl this weekend if your team is playing.

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