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Originally Posted by Bundey View Post
Heck with 16x19! This club is for people who love 18x20, and currently use it. Come Radicals, come Prestiges, come KBlades!!!

If you want to join the club just say so, and say your current racquet.

1. Bundey (HEAD LiquidMetal Radical Midplus)
2. 757tennis (Wilson KBlade Midplus)
3. samster (MicroGel Radical Midplus)
4. slkbassist (HEAD i.radical tour Midplus)
5. rev200g (Dunlop Revelation 200G)
6. anirut (ProKennex Redondo Mid)
7. Zhou (Babolat Pure Storm Ltd.)
8. timeisonmyside (Wilson KBlade Midplus)
9. proekt13 (Technifibre T-Feel 305)
10. Kirko (Dunlop Muscle Weave 200G)
Bundey, the LM Radical MP is a very nice racket with a excellent balance of power, control, maneuverability.
Racquet of Choice: RF97A with Wilson Gut 16 (58#) and Isospeed Professional Classic 17 (62#)
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