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Hi everyone,
Thought I would get some commonly seen questions answered where everyone (hopefully ) will see.

Q: Where/how do I create a sig?
A: You can find this option in the User CP. To access your user CP, simply click the link, located (typically) at the top left of your screen (see below)

Once in the User CP, you can access your Signature and Avatar options by clicking the following links:

Editing your signature is very simple. You will see a text box, type what you would like to appear in your signature into the box, and hit the "Save Signature" button. You should be good to go!

It is typically good practice to limit your signature to 10 lines or less, just so there isn't too much clutter when viewing a thread. Unlike other forums, we do not allow HTML/VB markup in the signature, this prevents pictures, links, etc from appearing.

Edit: This is an excerpt from Jon, the Administrator of the boards
Originally Posted by admin
HTML and VBcode in signatures have been turned off. Signatures are allowed, however, Links and Images will no longer render. These changes will increase page load time and curb blatent advertisements in signatures.

Thank You,

Editing your Avatar: If you would like your own, personal avatar, follow these steps:
Find or create a picture that you would like to appear under your screen name. The guidelines for a signature are consistent with the forum policies, no offensive content, and definitely NO pornographic material.

With that said, you will very likely have to re-size this image so it will work with the forum. If you do not have a better picture editing software suite available to you, you can open up MS Paint (win XP users: Start -> programs -> accessories -> paint), and resize the image. A good size is 80x80, although the forum may have different limits.

Now that you have found/prepared your image, you can now put it up! Select the "Use Custom Avatar" radio button, and then upload by whichever method you prefer, there are two.
The first option allows you to copy/paste the internet address of a picture (Right click -> properties). As long as the picture is compressible enough, the forum should accept the image. The other option is to upload one from your computer. If you have a graphic located on your hard drive, prepare it by resizing, and then click the "Browse" button. Locate your image, and hit the Save button. Once this is complete, click the "Save Changes" button. Your avatar should now be ready to go!

Q: I tried doing that! I can't find these options! What is going on?
A: If the options pictured above are not showing up for you, chances are you are a new user. New users will gain access to these privileges after they have reached 50 posts. If you are past 50 posts, and still not able to access these features, contact the administrator using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. If you have very recently reached 50 posts, it may take a moment for the system to recognize the change in access rights. Another trouble shooting tip is to log out of your account, then log back on. The system typically does not pick up on the status change until after one relogin. Please be patient!

Q: I am over 50 posts, and have enabled both my signature and avatar. I am still not able to see them! What is wrong?
A: There is a link under your User CP titled "Edit Options". Chances are, the avatar/signature feature(s) are disabled there. Often times users are asked about these preferences when registering for a forum, and sometimes people will disable them thinking they are unnecessary, or not knowing what they are. You can edit your preferences there. You may also have to log out, then log back in for the system to pick up on your new status.

Q: I am far away from 50 posts. How do I get so many?!
A: Whatever you do, do NOT spam, or make rubbish posts to achieve a post count of 50. This is certainly frowned upon, and can result in a ban. All an avatar does is give you a small picture by your name. Just take your time, give useful input, and soon enough you will have it! Be patient

Q: I see some people with animated avatars. When I try and add one, I get an error message, what gives?
A: TW has disabled the use of animated avatars for the sake of bandwidth. People who have already put an animated avatar up are allowed to retain them. Once they change it, they lose animated avatar privileges.

Q: Why is there a 2 line limit for signatures?
A: TW has limited sigs to 2 lines because they take up too much space, and users were making signatures in excess of 15-20 lines. Members were getting fed up having to scroll through 50% sig just to read a 2 line response.

Q: I can't seem to register for TW using my AOL account, what is up?
A: See this thread:
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