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Q: How to I report a bad or offensive post/poster?
A: This is an often overlooked feature, but there is a button at the bottom left of every post on the forum (not made by yourself) that allows you to report an offensive post. You can find it as seen below:

Upon clicking this button, you will be shown a screen with a text box. Please help us by giving a brief reason why this post is a "bad" one. An example of a good reason would be:

"The post contains obscene language."

Obviously "offensive" content is subjective, the moderators/administrators will review each reported post as they come and deal with each separately.

If you would like to report a bad poster, the process is the same. You can flag offending posts, and/or you could send an e-mail with a reason of concern to the administrators at the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. The "Contact Us" link will direct you to the administrator, the "Report bad post" link will send an e-mail to all administrators/moderators of the board.

Q: Under my User CP, I see something called "Referrals." What are these?
A: This is when a user joins the board and inputs your screen name as the person who referred them to the board.

Q: I want to post pictures in my thread, I have no clue how to go about doing this, any advice?

A: Sure! Provided you know how to take pictures (preferrably with a digital camera) and get them on your PC, here is what you need to do.

  1. With your pictures on your computer, please ensure they are sized appropriately (800x600 is a good resolution). Also ensure they are in a web-friendly format, such as .jpg, jpeg, gif, (and less common .png). RAW photo data, or BMPs are NOT encouraged, as they are uncompressed, and take up a lot more space.
  2. After resizing and compressing (into .jpg or .gif), upload your photos to some sort of host. If you do not have your own, personal web space, I suggest using free photo uploaders such as, or
    These sites offer free hosting for your photos, as well as instructions on how to access them through other sites.
  3. When inside your thread, click the "insert picture" button using the editor.

    A pop up window will appear, asking you for the "URL" of your picture. If you are using your own webhost, insert the address of your picture. If you are using a free uploading site, such as photobucket, or imageshack, insert the URL that was provided to you.
  4. If you inserted the URL correctly, the image should show up when you hit "OK."
Q: What are the policies on sharing videos, etc?
A: DO NOT post any AV piracy links. Youtube and streaming videos are fine, but do not post methodologies or other information on how to rip off other peoples property. See this thread:
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Report posts, it helps everyone out!

Mod Qs/Concerns/etc? E-mail me! (please make return/profile e-mail is valid!)

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