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Q: Why is my post count "frozen?" I frequently make posts, but my post count won't go up!
A: Posts are only counted in non-"social" forums. Posts made in Odds & Ends, Rants & Raves, etc. do NOT count towards your post count. This is to discourage "spamming."

Q: Why can't I edit my posts? (OR) Why do I not have an "edit" option when posting?
A: New users are not allowed to delete posts. Once you have achieved a non-new user status (after 50 posts [takes a log out/log in to reset]) you are allowed to edit your posts. The idea behind this is to think about what you are posting, and have some accountability for your action. This also allows us to manage "bad egg" posters, especially advertisers/spam users.

Q: I've noticed when I reached "xx" the "status," or "title" under my name changed! What are all the "rankings" by post count?
Originally Posted by TW Staff
User post count and rank info:
New User 0
Rookie 100
Semi-Pro 400
Professional 800
Hall Of Fame 1500
Legend 5000
G.O.A.T. 10000

Q: Why was my _____ post deleted? I don't think I have violated any TW policies. Is there anyone I can contact about this?
A: TBH, it is difficult to determine why ____ post was deleted, or by who after the fact. We ask that you ask yourself the following before making a post, or attemtping to contact us:
- Was my post offensive to other users? Simple: Did you "personally attack" any other members? Even a sarcastic, off-color comment can be mis-interpreted sometimes. It is the internet, and sarcasm, etc are not easily conveyed
- Did I quote a post that is now deleted? If this is the case, we (more or less) have to remove subsequent posts quoting the original content. This is unfortunate, but is obvious as to why.
- Did I post a competitor link, or reference a competitor's website and/or name? TW reserves the right to delete/remove any posts that promote competition. This is a privately owned message board, and TW is a business.
- Did I try and get creative, and get around the language filter? This most commonly occurs with the word E-bay, but bad words and other censored words are not permitted in any form, edited, bleeped out or not.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me through my profile (click on my name!). I have an "open-door" policy, and it will remain so until/unless that "privilege" is abused. If you have questions or concerns that I cannot answer, feel free to post a thread in the TW Questions/Comments sub-section, or contact the admins directly using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom right corner of the page.

Q: How do I check the threads I've posted in for replies and responses or activity?
A: On the top left area of every forum page, there's a "User CP" link. That's a splash page for your personal activity.

If you aren't seeing the posts show up, you need to go to "Edit Options" --> Messaging & Notification --> Default Thread Subscription Mode.

If it's set to "Do Not Subscribe," it's a good idea to turn it on, and to the level that you're interested in. If you like a daily e-mail summary of any threads you've participated in, you can do that, too. I personally don't recommend that, especially if you're going to post in any high volume forums (like General Pro, or Racquets). I use "No email notification" and check my subscribed threads through User CP when I'm on

Q: There's a poster who I simply can't stand. How do I ignore them?
A: Ignoring users is simple, but there are some caveats. To ignore, click the user's name --> View User Profile --> Add user to ignore list. All posts made by that user will now be invisible, but quoted posts from that user will still appear.
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