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Q: How come my post in the For Sale/Trade section of the forum isn't showing up?
A: The For Sale/Trade section of the forum is a filtered section. This means that any and all posts made in the FS/T section are reviewed and need to be approved before showing up on the site. This discourages competitors coming into the TW boards and selling off their stock. Unfortunately, this also causes a delay in the posts reaching the FS/T subforum! There is a sticky in the FS/T that also discusses this. The FS/T section of the site is a privilige, not a right, although this solution isn't the most elegant, there needs to be some regulations due to the nature of the business.

Q: I'm not a competitor, and my post still isn't showing up! What is going on?
A: If you are selling new, unused, or near new (this is up to the FS/T filterer to decide) your post will NOT be approved. This is to discourage the undermining of TW sales. No dealers/spam allowed. FS/T posts need to stay in the FS/T forum. FS/T posts in any other section of the website (this is mainly a problem in the Racquets sub-forum) will be deleted without explanation. This is your warning.
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