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Default Why Isn't My Post Showing Up?

Hopefully this will clear up the continuing confusion about how the FS/T section works. READ the sticky, and it will become clear.

Originally Posted by TW Staff
ATTENTION: All For Sale/Trade classified ads will be filtered. This means your post will not show up immediately, but will be held up by our moderator for approval. Please do not post your ad multiple times, as this will only delay your ad further. Also, no new products, dealers or links to E-Bay auctions are allowed. The classified section is here so Talk Tennis members can sell and trade used personal equipment only. Posts by dealers, clubs and pros for used demo stock, old stock or overstocked items will not be approved.

Unless you are making a change to your ad, such as lowering the price of items, we do not allow bumps to bring a post back to the top of the forum.

Please clearly define the age and condition of each item in a classified ad. Condition should be rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being new. Having an "out of 10" rating is mandatory, as ads without this rating will be automatically hard deleted. Posts identifying a product's condition from 9.6 - 10.0 will be refused, as we'll assume this means new. If the age and condition of each item is not listed we will assume it is new and the entire post will be deleted. If selling multiple items and one violates a policy, the entire post will be deleted.

We reserve the right to refuse any ad.

Thanks for your cooperation.

TW Staff
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