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hey bud, this sucks. I'm 22 and have had the same problem for since i was 16. I lived in a small town and played football, basketball, track, and golf since I can remember. Since track season from my sophemore year, i've felt the pain. It does hurt and takes away from your leaping ability ican tell you that. I set our school record in the long jump that same year. by the next year's track season, i was jumping about 12-18 inches shorter. all from achilles problems. if your very quick like me, that's probably the problem. You run real fast to get to something and have to put lots of pressure and your bones and joints to get stopped. the problem with resting, is that it takes a long time to recoup, just to have it act up again. thats a long time not to play, and if you love to play like it sounds like you do,then theres another problem.

if you go to the doctor, post back and tell me what they say.

good luck.
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