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Originally Posted by TheShaun View Post
just my two cents, i think yulitle's video thread deserves a spot on the main stringing page.

you could consolidate the TW job opportunities into one sticky, "TW Europe Job Opportunities"
I agree that YUL's thread is sticky worthy, but the point of the sticky consolidation is to keep the stuck threads to a minimum, so it is self-defeating in that aspect. I personally feel that once you've visited (and posted in a thread) that it is subscribed and easily checkable (especially when something new comes up) in the User CP, but then again, that is my "work flow," and others might not subscribe to this way of using the forums. At this moment, I'd like (if at all possible) to keep stickies to a minimum and play it by ear for a little while.

All credit to YUL, though, he is undertaking in a HUGE project (video editing/encoding is time consuming and a PITA, frankly). I was planning to do the same for a long time, but never was able to set aside the time. Props to him, and I never meant to "take away" from his contributions in this manner.
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