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Default Stats for 1984 USO SF (Lendl-Cash)

Lendl d Cash 3-6 6-3 6-4 6-7(5) 7-6(4)

Lendl was 24, Cash 19.

Lendl was the #2 seed, Cash was seeded 15.

Cash upset the #4 seed, Wilander, in the QF.

my stats:

Cash had 37 non service winners: 5 fh, 4 bh, 8 fhv, 15 bhv, 5 ov
Lendl had 36: 21 fh, 10 bh, 2 fhv, 1 bhv, 2 ov

Winners by set:
Cash: 8, 3, 5, 11, 10
Lendl: 4, 3, 4, 13, 12

Lendl had 7 aces, 5 doubles
Cash had 9 aces, 5 doubles

Cash was 92 of 163 on 1st serves, or 56%
Lendl was 85 of 162, or 52%

Cash had 51 unreturned serves, of which I judged 7 to be service winners
Lendl had 42 unreturned serves, of which I judged 7 to be service winners

Cash was 3 of 10 on break points, Lendl 4 of 10.

Lendl had 26 passing shot winners, 18 of them forehands
Cash had 1 passing shot winner, a forehand

At 4-5 in the 5th, Lendl had a match point on Cash's serve, & made a return error.

Cash held for 5-5, broke for 6-5 & had a match point on his serve. He made a 1st serve on that point but Lendl saved match point with a great running forehand lob.

CBS stats:

at 2-1 in the 5th, they had Lendl making 17 unforced errors, Cash 41.

Net pts at 1-0 in the 5th: Lendl was 7/8, Cash was 58/92.

here is an excerpt from SI on the match:

Having beaten Cash twice on grass, Lendl knew that Cash sometimes goes hours without driving his backhand. He flicks it but with little topspin, so the result is, said Lendl , "very flat, very strange." Cash also needs to learn how to put away a volley. Though terrifically quick and acrobatic at net, his first volley, especially off the forehand wing, is more of a push than a decisive punch. This inability to sting volleys cost him many key points in Lendl 's dramatic 3-6, 6-3, 6-4, 6-7, 7-6 semifinal victory.

After Cash won the first set, Lendl picked up his service percentage and rolled into the lead. At 6-5 in the fourth set, Cash had double set point, but he made four unforced errors, slugging out as always. In the tiebreaker he led 5-3, but was caught at 5-all. Cash then was presented a gift when Lendl practically whiffed on a setup forehand and then lofted a return 15 rows back in the stands. Suddenly, the match was even.

This back and forth, Czech-Cash transaction proceeded through the fifth set. Ever the gambler, Cash hit a huge hook on his second serve at 4-5, 30-all. It missed—match point for Lendl . However, Lendl netted a backhand. Cash held, broke for 6-5 and reached his own match point, but Lendl converted Cash's tentative short volley into a lunging lob to the baseline to save his neck. Lendl finally took control in the tiebreaker by winning the last four points. Immediately thereafter, Cash hurled his racket into the stands, earning a well-deserved $2,000 fine. If the racket had hit anyone Cash would have been out a lot more cash.

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