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Default Best lifts

Here are my best bench numbers at certain body weight.
158 benched 225
170 benched 300
185 benched 340
192 benched 365
206 benched 385
213 benched 405
223 benched 425
Now I still can put up 385 at 209, but I benching is wrecking my right shoulder again. So I do 285 for 15 reps 3 sets. I have too get a mri on my shoulder this week I think I tore it up on the tennis court 3 weeks ago hitting a high two hand backhand and hurt it again this past weekend on the backhand again. I already had two rotator cuff surgery one one the left and one on the right. I think I need another one on the right or lots of pt and no more bench and switch to a one hand backhand.
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