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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
The more flexible you are, the less dangerous they are for you. Take gymnasts for example. High level gymnasts can do a full split without any problems at all, but someone who isn't used to all that dynamic and static stretching would not come close to a full split. Depth on dips depends a lot on the individual and not on the generalization that deep dips are bad for the shoulders. If we follow that philosophy, we shouldn't weight train at all because something's gonna get strained sooner or later. If you're comfortable doing deep dips, don't worry about it.
Yeah, I'm flexible enough to do them deep, I've never had shoulder problems before, until now though (but that was from doing something else, which will go unmentioned due to it's great stupidity...) but anyways, even with that shoulder nuisance I'm having right now, it doesn't bother me still.

This pain used to be in my shoulder, where it connects with the arm, and since I started doing exercises, like push ups and just bodyweight exercises, it seems it has started to move upwards and now I feel it in my clavicule, near my neck. What the hell?

I don't remember exactly how I got that pain, but my guess would be that first I may have got it from playing too much resident evil 4, because when those zombies grab you, you have to move the left analog stick left and right really fast, and since I played many hours and got caught many times, I did that left-to-right motion too many times and that's when it all started hurting, I couldn't do any shot when I played tennis, it felt like my arm would break off. So I rested from tennis, began doing exercises and suddenly the pain disappeared, but now it came back somehow, but I think it could have been from swinging a dumbbell bar.
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