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I first tore up my right shoulder in Junior A hockey not bench and that finished my hockey career. Got it fixed and all was good back to heavy benching then playing tennis with my friend Dave who played #5 for Duke. When I first played him he beat me by 1-2 breaks. Two years later I could beat him two breaks but I tore up my left shoulder to beat him not a good trade off. Clay might be good for your knees but its hell on your shoulder.

Hitting 8-12 shoulder height or higher balls instead of 5-8 balls waist to chest height balls on hard court.
No more clay tennis for me. I rested my shoulder for 3 weeks no bench and hitting one hand backhands no two handers. I started hitting the two hander last week then kept the bench at 285 all was good then I messed it my this past weekend hitting a two handed top spin lob. I will rest it for 6 weeks or just get it looked at this week I think I really tore it up again.

I guess I shouldn't play any more against 25 year old Div one players since my 35 year old body can't keep up any more.(my shoulder) I put these two guys on one side of the court and me on the other side and played some games and drills. I reached for a high backhand which was not hard but I reached out in front of me and heard something pop and give out in my right shoulder. I tried to hit a two hander after that but my arm would give out. Its funny I can still serve but my arm doesn't like going across my body. I been doing my pt before I lift or play tennis I hope I didn't rip up something else in my right shoulder.
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