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Well I just got my POG OS and being only a 3.5-4.0 player I realize this is a little weighty. However, I have been playing half of the summer with an old Prince Graphite XB Comp which is 12.5 or so-- so i have gotten used to it. I am trying to get some power back in my game though and I wanted to make the POG a little more head heavy-- head neutral I think ideally. So I put lead tape on at 3 9 12 etc... To experiment! But after just playing probably around 13+ OZ I think more weight is not good for my elbow and wrist and shoulder possibly. You might ask what is this post doing here but-- I am thinking getting rid of the leather grip, and replacing with a light synthetic, with possible over-grip, would achieve the same objective possibly-- without adding weight-- with a subtraction instead. Maybe someone here with good racquet math can help. How much grip weight to lose-- to turn a 4 pts head light POG OS racquet into head even. I'm guessing that the potential 10 gram or so loss by ditching the leather-- which I don't really care for the extra vibration of anyway-- might do it??? And this would leave me at maybe 11.5 to 11.8 OZ? Instead of 12.2?
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