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Angry Racquet crimes

Guy's I am new to this forum stuff, But i had to do it. The racquet manufacturers are building total junk, I have been in tennis for thirty five years and have played with three decades of tennis racquets including wood, metal and fiberglas and graphite. and the truth is dunlop, wilson babolat, prince, from yonex, etc. are taking us to the cleaners with pure junk. ask any pro stringer and they will tell you they have never seen more tennis elbow in the history of tennis. The more i look into this, the angrier i get. I.d like to inform you that tour professional racquets go through a different and higher quality manufacturing process, The racquets you and i buy at the store are "high quality plastic" which they call polymers another nice word for plastic. this is an insult. I will never buy a new racquet and if we all stay away from this new junk, the racquet makers will respect us a little more. by now you probably know roger fed plays with 25 year old technology. an old prostaff painted to look like the real thing. and by the way the strings are total garbage with millions of strings to choose. I don't want to burst any bubbles but this the plain truth about todat junk racquets.
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