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Originally Posted by t-swede View Post
heres some interesting read from head and richard gascquet enjoy !

[B]You play with the MG Extreme Pro. Why do you like that racquet?[/b]I really like this racquet because it’s powerful, and that is important for my game. I can play with a lot of topspin which is crucial for my backhand. The MG Extreme Pro helps me to improve my game.

what a joke everyone knows that he plays with the instinct tour xl including himself yet he keeps the consumer believing otherwise lame !!
Don't forget that Head probably makes 10-20 different racquets all with the marketing name of "MG Extreme Pro", only one of which they sell to the public. So, yes, Gasquet does indeed use A "MG Extreme Pro", just not the same "MG Extreme Pro" as the one we can buy in the stores. So unless a company specifically says that a certain pro uses - "the SAME racquet at the one sold in the stores", like Wilson has said about Federer's K90, just saying that a pro uses a certain model name doesn't really mean anything because there could be many different racquets all given the same marketing name. Internally, they have no model names at all, just code numbers to differentiate them.

I don't think there's a law against companies giving many different variations of a product the same marketing name when they're only selling one of the variations in the market.
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