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Originally Posted by Craig Sheppard
Rather than pumping up the tension, any suggestions as to what other strings could I use in the cross to lower the power of the gut? Only caveat is I'm looking for something relatively cheap, so the Luxilon strings are really not an option. (Gut is already expensive enough) I have some Prince Polygut on hand...would that work? Anyone been through a similar scenario?
Craig, at the same tension, it would probably make it worse. Polygut is soft and has a lot of pop in it. If you can get your hold of some Zo life from someone who got a sample, it would take out some power from your gut mains. Make sure you pull on the crosses twice(pre-stretch mode if you got it on your machine) to stiffen it up even more. It is a less powerful setup than lux BBalu or alu rough. I string it at 58(95, 16 x20) on the x's. This setup has ample power and control at the same time for me. The string might behave a bit differently as you go up there in tension. It is glassy smooth and won't cut through your mains as quick as an alu would. Tension holding is also great compared to most polys I have tried. Would never use an all Zo life job again though.
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