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Originally Posted by chess9 View Post
Those are good, though they aren't age adjusted. On the other hand, once you get married, have kids, a job, a mortgage, and two car payments your bench press numbers look inconsequential.

After all the excitement of this thread I decided to do a serious bench set today at the gym. I got on the Smith Machine (yeah, that's a little cheating) with some high school kids. I warmed up first on the Vertical Press Machine, hitting 170 x 12 at the third set. Then I benched with the 'boys' on the Smith Machine. One set at 200 x 4, then one attempted set at 215, which resulted in failure. I re-set after about 5 minutes of rest and cranked out two reps at 215. I thought for sure I was going to blow out my 'iffy' right shoulder on the third rep attempt, but I quickly quit on it. Rested, with a more abbreviated warmup-I did a 5 set warmup-I might hit 225.

Not bad though for an old skinny guy. I hope my Team Tennis team doesn't make me play #1 doubles tomorrow! I'm sore already....

Wow, that's impressive for a guy your age, even if it is on a smith
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