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^^^ I feel it in my hamstrings if I go to where my thighs are at least
parallel to the ground. A little less if I don't go as far down.

My max is 650, at weight of 170 and a height of 4'3". Only pressed it a half
inch due to my short arms.
j/k. A few years ago I tried a max and did 230 or 235. I probably could do
much less now. I only go to the gym about once a week now b/c I'm
trying to play more tennis and do yoga instead with my free time. Out of
habit, there are certain things I always do though, like, I always walk up
stairways two steps at a time and sometimes I run up them 2 at a time.
I used to bound up 3 at a time but I stopped b/c I figured it was just matter of
time b4 I bit it one day and it would probably end badly...

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