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Originally Posted by onehandbh View Post
^^^ I feel it in my hamstrings if I go to where my thighs are at least
parallel to the ground. A little less if I don't go as far down.

My max is 650, at weight of 170 and a height of 4'3". Only pressed it a half
inch due to my short arms.
j/k. A few years ago I tried a max and did 230 or 235. I probably could do
much less now. I only go to the gym about once a week now b/c I'm
trying to play more tennis and do yoga instead with my free time. Out of
habit, there are certain things I always do though, like, I always walk up
stairways two steps at a time and sometimes I run up them 2 at a time.
I used to bound up 3 at a time but I stopped b/c I figured it was just matter of
time b4 I bit it one day and it would probably end badly...
LOL! This reminds me of the Olympic Sprint Cyclist from the 1950's who didn't have much time to train because he was a full-time plumber in Chicago. So, he would carry his 50 pound tool box up the stairs of the high rise buildings instead of taking the elevators. He won the gold.

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