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I also can’t stand the gimmick of paint jobs. In the name of money, people would do anything. I am pretty sure they are going to make less money if they said our player chose to use our old technology instead.

But the whole point of advertising in current times (and I work with advertisement) is for profit obviously. So, companies and advertisers allow themselves to deliver the message in ways that entice the consumer… even if those ways are pure brainwashing. And since laws against deceptive advertisement are loose, they do so because they can get away with it.

In the name of money, soda manufacturers will not tell you stop drinking this crap… start drinking water instead. Cigarette manufacturers – as well – were enticing smokers into their product for how many decades, before they put the warning label. And even with the warning label, they still intend to brainwash you… and they’ll do so since they can get-away with it.

When was the last time a consumer sued a major fast-food chain, because the burger advertisement appeared so delicious in the advertisement, but when the consumer unwrapped the burger and lifted the bun… it looked like a steamroller had ran over it!? We see these things every day, accept that’s how advertisements & corporations function… and instead of being involved in controlling how corporations should communicate to us, we are passive and walk-away, accepting it as – oh, well – if it’s that way, then that’s how it is… assuming we can’t change things because corporations are like some sort of untouchable supreme entities.

Moral restriction of greed and desire to have more-and-more is just not enough…. Capitalism is a travesty, and should’ve been outlawed long time ago: It obviously doesn’t function well for ALL people, but for the fewer smarter and elite who control the shots to favor themselves!

Anyway, how is false advertisement in other sports?
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