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Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
Remember the old doctor joke? Doc, it hurts when I do this and doc says, don't do that. Well that old joke holds a lot of truth when it comes to weight lifting. If your shoulder hurts when you bench press, whether it be the barbell or dumbbells, then don't do that. You can either stay away from that particular exercise until you heal properly or you can go lighter. I choose to do the latter so I find a weight that gives me zero pain and I'm off to the races. Pain is an indicator of something not being right, not a sign that you should fight through it. I used the no pain on weights strategy when my right shoulder was injured from serving and in a few weeks, I was dumbbell pressing at almost 100% pain free. I was using very light dumbbells on shoulder presses (25 lbs.), which is a far cry from my normal 65-80 lb. DB shoulder presses, but any dumbbell over 30 would cause this pinch in my right shoulder. Remember, lighten the load until you feel no pain at all or stay away from the exercise altogether.
Hey, I was curious about this one thing. Say I have a pain in my shoulder or on any other part in my arms, but only when I do a specific motion or stretch it/move it in a certain way (close my arms like showing off my biceps muscles then or something like that), so if I have that pain, but then when I do dips, chinups or pullups, if it doesn't bother me there, should I go ahead and do the exercise? Would it be safe then.

Because right now I feel slight pains/discomforts when I close my arm like I said, and some pain on my shoulder, but if I do dips or any of the other exercises I mentioned, I don't feel anything and it doesn't bother me at all. What do you think?
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