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Default critique this routine!

Okay Rickson and others: I'm 45 years old, 5'10", 165. I have a little flab/love handles, but also a somewhat athletic phsyique due to past gym memberships and for the last ten years doing regular but not super strenuous dumbbells workouts along with chins and push ups at home. I'd like to change things up now, be a little more consistent and focused, and build some addditonal muscle mass for looks and to burn more fat. My main goal is vanity, looking a little bit more fit and athletic so I can continue chasing young girls.

In addition to doing some aerobics here and there, I'd like to hit the gym every 3 or 4 days for no more than 30 minutes. Keep it simple, short, and manageable.

So, can I achieve some decent gains on top of my base level of muscle mass by doing the following:


2 sets chest press
2 sets shoulder press
2 sets arm curl
2 sets tricep extension
2 sets seated row
2 sets chins

Virtually of these will be done on machines, not free weights. I've had ten years of dumbbells, so I'd like to try machines for a change of pace. (Don't worry, I'll come back to free weights down the road a bit.)


2 set "super squat" squat machine
2 sets incline leg press
4 sets calf machines

Plus some abs and lower back stuff.

Any glaring omissions from this workout that will prevent me from hitting all muscles groups and reaching my goals? Any needless redundancies?

I await comments. Thanks.

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