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Originally Posted by chess9 View Post
Just a couple of comments:

1. The above looks like a good start, assuming you are not a noobie, but at least an intermediate.
2. After about a month of the above, start looking on the web for other exercises to do, like lunges, one legged squats, hanging leg lifts, floor sweepers, and many more. Your body needs variation as it will get accustomed to your workout routine. So, shake things up.
3. Be sure to have some rest built in, and I don't mean a rest DAY, I mean a week, say, or maybe two, where you don't lift at all. Also, get plenty of sleep every day. Oh, and don't lift heavy if you are feeling really sore or a bit down. Just go to the gym and do some very light work with the weights and maybe a light bike workout or swim.
4. Get your diet right! Being strong can't be done just with lifting because with the wrong diet you might get fat, injured, or sick and have to go back to square one. If you were to ask a top trainer for help, the first thing he's likely to ask you for is how many carbs, protein and fat, in grams, you eat per day. If you don't know, then you aren't training right!
5. Set realistic goals. You are still very young and could get quite strong with just some modest dedication, like two or three days per week of smart lifting.

EDIT: Something else. I'd do squats every workout for the first month. You should live and die on the squat rack for a month to push up your testosterone levels. Do the squats FIRST in your workout.

Thanks, Robert. And thanks for calling me "still very young". Haven't been called young in a while, and I'm liking the sound of it.

I'm not going to comment on diet, other than to say I live to eat rather than eat to live. If my gains and my health won't be as optimal because I like things like donuts and Coca Cola, so be it.

Why do squats first?
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