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Originally Posted by alonsin View Post
I'm listening to Ramon Calderon now, and Robinho is definetively done with ManCity. 42 million euros is good money. We lose Robinho and we don't buy a thing, I don't have words...
Good money? You've got an amazing deal!

I thought the price was only stupidly high because teams always inflate the prices when Chelsea inquire, but to get another club inquiring and then paying an even HIGHER price, you should be delighted!

As for Chelsea, it's a bit worrying we're left with only Kalou, Cole and Malouda to play wide. We also got rid of strikers and haven't brought in replacements.

We have Drogba (who's injured 3/4 of the time anyway) Anelka (who is actually hopeless) and Di Santo the young kid.

I'd take 2nd in the league and automatic Champions League qualification right now, especially with Man Utd getting the missing piece of their jigsaw.
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