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Good morning fellow TTFC squad members,

Well, it's all over and Chelsea didn't get Robinho (big surprise for me) or anyone for that matter. Arshavin stayed put at Zenit. Barton and Smith has remained at Newcastle. Owen didn't go to Everton. Wenger wouldn't open his wallet to buy a cup of tea! And - thank God - Heskey hasn't joined Spurs (the word 'halleluya' springs to mind!)

The most shocking late-night transfer deal indeed occurred with Robinho going for silly amounts of money to Man City. I must say it strikes me as being a little not quite right, what with the player's expressed desire to be at Chelsea and their protracted talks with Madrid in trying to get him - and then suddenly, overnight, City are one of the very richest teams in the whole world...

Anyhow, Bulgaria's answer to Andy Garcia, a certain Dimitar Berbatov managed to get himself kidnapped by Alex Ferguson and got driven off to Old Trafford, where he duly signed on the dotted line (although I believe the manner of this and the fact Spurs never even gave Man U permission to talk to Berba may lead to some form of sanctioning.)

And further a-field, the very highly thought of Quaresma went to Inter.

So... any interesting deals (that's both good or bad) completed yesterday by your side?... are you feeling frustrated/confused/very pleased with who you've brought in (or let go)?... and how about teams from Serie A, La Liga, the Bundesleague, South America, etc?... do let us know your thoughts and feelings here at TTFC!

Speaking for myself and my team (Tottenham), rather like alonsin said earlier in reference to Real Madrid, I feel p***** off that we've received a massive fortune for 2 proven Premier League players and yet have only brought in only 1 (unproven) like-for-like player in Pavylyuchenko (and a year's loan of Frasier Cambell doesn't add up to very much IMO.) I won't bore you all with my other thoughts on how we haven't actually got a proper 'spine', and my disappointment with letting certain players go (like Malbranque), I just feel Spurs have raked in an unbelievable sum of money and haven't bought commensurately at all.

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