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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
Noooo City got rid of Corluka to Spurs. He was my favourite player .

Our new owner is an idiot...ok ok he can get another good midfielder and maybe another defender then he can get sacked. Ronaldo is out of the question thank God, unfortunately he's going to spend a ton of money over the next transfer window and make his own personal fantasy team pretty much. Kind of sucks, I really don't want City to become another Chelsea .
I agree. Corluka is a fantastic player, he was magnificent against us last year. You don't realise quite how big he actually is on tv but he is an absolute beast. Breed them big in Croatia don't they?

As for Man City becoming another Chelsea, well they are worse. Chelsea were already a top 5 team who had won FA Cups and gone far in the Champions League long before Abramovich moved in. Also, Abramovich doesn't like paying over the odds for players. Last year Sevilla wanted £24 Million for Dani Alves, he could of payed that much easily but he felt he was being ripped off and stepped away from the deal. Same happened with Robinho this year, he thought he was worth £26 Million and wouldn't go a penny over. Man City appear to be willing to pay crazy money to get players and that's really dangerous. £140 Million for Ronaldo? £60 Million for Buffon? £80 Million each for Torres, Messi, Kaka, Fabregas?

You can say what you like about Abramovich but he rarely goes over the market value price for a player.

Originally Posted by NicholasCole View Post
To all people who plan on attending the Chelsea-ManCity match tomorrow (Both Citizens and Blues):

I want to hear the support of Hughes tomorrow. I want it to be loud. I want to hear the sound of the fans telling the rich men to F off if they want to play fantasy football. I want to hear it from the masses, that football isn't a plaything for rich men looking for a quick profit. Football is football, and nothing more. Let's hear it.
Well, it''s actually next week. This week is the Internationals.

I'll be there but Man City fans are usually very quiet, with it being the first game back since their take over and signing of Robinho i'm expecting them to be pretty loud.
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