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Don't worry about the distinctions. I've heard "singles" and "advanced" are often ignored. Beginners will show up for "advanced week" and families will show up for "singles week." I've never attended an advanced week, but I've heard two different stories. One guy told me that as a 3.0, he was just overwhelmed. But another guy told me that as a 4.5 he was the best in the camp. I guess it's a kind of crap shoot. My experience, of three years, all "singles weeks," has been that there's always at least one group of four of 4.5's. (One year there was a woman who played for the McGill University tennis team, placed in the advanced grouping of four, who was hitting harder than the men. Another year, a 4.5 challenged one of the pros to a set, winner contributes $100 to charity. He was spotted 5 games and lost 5-7) If you're a 4.5, I'd recommend Noah for your private lessons. Ask for him by name at registration. He's built like a bear (or offensive lineman), but moves like a cat. Have fun!
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