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Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post
I agree. Corluka is a fantastic player, he was magnificent against us last year. You don't realise quite how big he actually is on tv but he is an absolute beast. Breed them big in Croatia don't they?

As for Man City becoming another Chelsea, well they are worse. Chelsea were already a top 5 team who had won FA Cups and gone far in the Champions League long before Abramovich moved in. Also, Abramovich doesn't like paying over the odds for players. Last year Sevilla wanted £24 Million for Dani Alves, he could of payed that much easily but he felt he was being ripped off and stepped away from the deal. Same happened with Robinho this year, he thought he was worth £26 Million and wouldn't go a penny over. Man City appear to be willing to pay crazy money to get players and that's really dangerous. £140 Million for Ronaldo? £60 Million for Buffon? £80 Million each for Torres, Messi, Kaka, Fabregas?

You can say what you like about Abramovich but he rarely goes over the market value price for a player.

Well, it''s actually next week. This week is the Internationals.

I'll be there but Man City fans are usually very quiet, with it being the first game back since their take over and signing of Robinho i'm expecting them to be pretty loud.
Yeah Corluka is a physical beast and one of the smartest, most civil players out there. He's not quick but doesn't need to be, great ball control for the big man as well, he will be missed

Oh by now I agree, Chelsea were decent before they got Abramovich. City was half decent, but the owner knows nothing about football and someone else should be in charge of the signings, it'd be much more beneficial for the team (and really, the state of the League in general) if he kept himself out of these things and simply paid the check for whoever we need in the future. Robinho was a good signing but overall those sums of money for other players are ridiculous, I heard he's willing to spend over 30 million on 18 different players. Horrible.

Have fun at the game, there also will be an added number of City fans attending matches from now on. I'm not in Manchester right now but from what I've heard from family and such there have been an increase in City jerseys running around since the new owner came in and Robinho was signed. It'll certainly be different. It'll also be a bit bigger with City taking Robinho from right under Chelsea's noses and also getting Wright-Phillips back as well. I'm guessing there would be a bit more tension if this were at Stamford Bridge but there are certainly a lot of things going on here.

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