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Originally Posted by monologuist
You may wanna try the Signum Pro Poly Plasma as a's supposed to have the best tension-holding of any poly...or the Signum Poly Megaforce (an ALU Power substitute)...also Head RIP control maybe?
I've gone down this route. I usually string with BB gut mains and a monofilament synthetic gut cross (usually a BB version of this) but was looking for something with a little less pop.

Stringing BB gut with Pro Poly Plasma (17g for both) did lead to a slight decrease in power though not as much decrease as I would have hoped for. Surprisingly the pro poly snapped after 7 sessions of tennis. (May have something to do with the fact I string the gut mains at 58 lbs and the pro poly crosses at 60lbs).

Am currently using BB gut mains with Poly Megaforce crosses (again 17g for both) and again I'd say it's similar to the pro poly plasma in power. This setup is actually still going strong (with some fraying but not close to snapping) after 2 weeks (11 sessions).

Personally I don't think there's much to be gained (or lost power-wise) for me between the Signum crosses and the BB crosses I mentioned earlier so will probably stick with the BB crosses that I can get for cheaper.
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