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Originally Posted by 35ft6 View Post
Before, I either enjoyed Mary or was ambivalent. Yeah, she tries too hard sometimes, but she never really bothered me...

Until today. Actually, she was kind of annoying me yesterday, but today when she was going on and on about Hawkeye, she may have lost me for good. She made very little sense. Murray continued to play a point even though a backhand was out (by an inch or two) and immediately after the point, when Murray went back to look at the mark, she exclaimed "this is why I hate the review system!!!" Huh? Because Murray didn't stop the point and ask for a review? How is that the technology's fault? Later, she said that Hawkeye might have cost Andy the championship and it was unfair. It was truly bizarre.
I heard this too. She said she wanted all calls to be electronic and then Dick said that he "enjoys the human element" of having the lines people make the calls and Carillo agreed with him, umm so what exactly are you proposing here Mary?

I went upstairs to make some food and came back down ten minutes later and she was still complaining about it. Enough is enough, she's a nut.
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