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Originally Posted by slappano View Post
whatever. I and countless others have discussed this in other threads. another poster noted they are made using different materials. won't argue with a liar that never even used them.

watching a game with 2 buddies. they know nothing about tennis. I just gave them the black and red dampener. I asked them to describe the feel. Both said the red is softer and feels more like rubber and the black is harder with a plastic feel. They proceeded to ask me why would I waste my time with nonsense..they don't understand tennis, but they have common sense and both felt the red was softer.

NOTE TO ALL: I noticed something. The O's my buddies felt were new. I just noticed my 2 old, used for at least 6 months black dampeners are much softer than the newer black one. Maybe as they get used they soften, but the new black one is certainly stiffer than the new red one.

Does anyone else have a used older pair and a new out of the package pair??
Yeah, I noticed the same ting. The older packages had two different damps in it all most. The black was hard and stiff and the red was springy. The packages I bought four months ago had two springy ones, and the red and black were identical. Once I can post pics I can post a few to show what the black looks like. It is different. Like you noted Slappano it is all about which batch they came from.

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