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Well, Curbishley was one of their own, he joined them as an apprentice after leaving school and played for them through the 1970's, you saw how they treated him.

As for Lampard and Cole, you do realise they both left because of the fans? Lampard had to put up with so much rubbish from them when he was a player there, he got abused by fans away from the ground and was pretty much on the verge of a breakdown from the constant abuse and taunts that he was only in the team because of his Dad and Uncle Harry.

Funny how he's turned out to be one of the greatest goal scoring midfielders in recent years, he could still be there now if it wasn't for all those idiotic fans and past players who used to make his life hell.

You do realise Frank Lampard Snr and the rest of the family, who were all West Ham fans through and through have turned their back on the club?

They're posion.
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