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Until today. Actually, she was kind of annoying me yesterday, but today when she was going on and on about Hawkeye, she may have lost me for good. She made very little sense. Murray continued to play a point even though a backhand was out (by an inch or two) and immediately after the point, when Murray went back to look at the mark, she exclaimed "this is why I hate the review system!!!" Huh? Because Murray didn't stop the point and ask for a review? How is that the technology's fault? Later, she said that Hawkeye might have cost Andy the championship and it was unfair. It was truly bizarre.
You really don't understand her point? I was just talking to a friend of mine(a casual tennis fan) about the way replay is used in other sports, & we agreed the only reason it is used in other sports is strictly for the purpose of getting calls right, not for the fans at all(& fans in baseball & football stadiums aren't getting fancy replays on the scoreboard to ooh & ahh at as they do in tennis)

In the NBA they automatically use replay on shots that end quarters or games, no players/coaches are required to 'challenge.' And in college football they automatically review any questionable calls throughout the game.

I explained to him what happened yesterday & he was pretty shocked, he basically said what Carillo said, what's the point of replay at all if bad calls can still happen? wasn't that the whole point of adding it, to make sure bad calls can't decide a match?

Her point is valid, someone could have relayed to the chair umpire the info that the ball was out immediately & he could have stopped the point. But no, having players 'challenge' is more dramatic so they are sticking with a flawed system where players can still get screwed by bad calls.

Its sorta sad that pro tennis has to resort to gimmicks to help its popularity, they know that this really isn't about getting calls 'right' at all(I've seen quite a few points where players stare at lines, then decide not to challenge, then the replay shows that they should have)

Carillo is right, it should not be the players responsibility to call the lines.

I think the ATP/ITF should at least think about automatically using replay on any close shot on big points(mainly game points), sort of like the way the NBA uses it(and tennis replays are quicker than any other sports' replays, other sports often need to have several refs study various camera angles before ruling, while its just a simple question in tennis - in or out?)

Maybe some of you will understand her point when a bad call happens in the 5th set of a grand slam final, and the player either doesn't challenge or is out of challenges. wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of replay?

I thought yesterday was a big enough point that fans would finally get how silly the system is, but I guess not.

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