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I was wondering if I could get your opinion on a set-up I am considering. I am currently hitting a Pure Drive 107 with Ashaway Aramid 16g in the mains @ 59 and Gamma Prodigy in the crosses @ 61. I am considering using a natural gut in the crosses. How do you think that setup would work with either the KLIP or some other nat. gut?

I am a hard hitter with a good amount of topspin but would like more. I currently have a new set of BB ALU Power, a new set of BB ALU Power Rough, and a new set of the Ashaway Crossfire 16/17 but I generally do not care for the syn. gut that Ashaway provides. I like the feel of the Kevlar and its consistency but am looking to experiment with cross strings.

I do not have any arm problems so that aspect is not particularly important to me. I have only used polys briefly and liked them but probably did not have long enough to feel the downside.

I am open for any combo suggestion and have even considered the BB Power or Rough in the crosses but have been a little hesitant to pull the trigger on that.

Any insight or suggestion that you can offer will be appreciated.


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