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Default Dampener trading?

So I was thinking, since we can trade used rackets AND string in the for sale part of the forums, would we be able to do the same for vibration dampeners?

think about it, we all have various extra dampeners that we may have laying around. what if we have a bit of fun and just trade them and that way, we would be able to try/have different dampeners. the shipping would be really cheap too, you could throw a couple dampeners in an envelope and mail it out for under a dollar.


Here's what I'm thinking for trades/purchases. List what you have available FS/FT AND what you might like and include your email. Then, whoever is interested can contact you that way instead of flooding the thread. Then, once you've gotten rid of whatever dampener or found whatever, then you can edit your previous post and delete the item. Sound good? GO

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