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Like Mdubb23, I want you to know that I am trustworthy despite me barely making an account last month (this would be my first post in this thread anyhow). I stumbled over this thread when looking for sellers to stay away from, and I want you to know Topspin Man, if you're still reading this thread, that I hope you somehow get your stuff back. Since I read your guys' whole thread, I'm guessing your plans to catch this culprit continued on into the facebook thread you had made? Well, I hope that you guys, by now, have gotten more leads on him and things have improved. You guys got some pretty close leads on him it looked like at one point, the only problem was that he was probably reading them here. I dunno if you're still going after him, but Golden Ace gave some good advice with that, because karma does always come back and bites you in the ***. What goes around comes around. But still, if there is anything any of us could really do, know that we would. I'm from California (SoCal), and had I stumbled upon this thread earlier, I could have told my friend who actually lives in San Jose to at least take a look around. He's since moved down here, so it's kind of late for that. Not suggesting anything bad, but you know. I wish you the best with your situation, maybe the legal system fails here, but if you notified the authorities you never know if something will turn up. Hope something does man, best of luck!
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