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Wow, what a ******. So sorry for you topspin man, I know how it feels. I got cheated on **** but claimed it from paypal. This charles dude will get punished, no doubt, but just a matter of time.

I don't have facebook, so can someone PM details of what's going on or any updates. It's like a real life detective story, so I can't stop thinking about what is going on now.

Oh Charles, i know you aren't that smart given that you can't type a sentence without messing up gramatically, but are you really that ********? Think of it his way; you are risking criminal charges for racquets that cost $200? Is it really worth it? Do you want to drag your friends and family into this? People have your AIM, email, and posts for records and chances are that you did this from your home computer, so your ip will be logged everywhere. The feds can track you down in an instant when they get involved. I may be a kid, but I don't think its too late to apologize to TopSpinMan and send him his racquets or atleast money for their value and time.

I can't wait until this guy gets caught. Someone PM me any updates form the facebook thing.

Great investigating guys, keep going.
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