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Originally Posted by lawlitssoo1n View Post
hm.. i see
but the 910 base is plastic, should't it flex more? cuz i string my racket at 65-70lbs. well maybe the 940 metal base is very thin? I'm guessing
No... 910 base is steel. Not solid but with support ridges therefore very sturdy.

Originally Posted by Mansewerz View Post
Mello, you have the combo 910? How good is it? Also, isn't the gamma st II a little more basic?
The 910 is a very capable home stringer. Frequent tune ups are required. If you're handy, I'd recommend a couple of Home Depot hardware upgrades and fixes.

I have used older generation Gamma machines before and I expect the ST II to be exceptional. The only down grade between them is lack of stand, which is fine because I intend to use it on my B&D WorkMate.
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