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Originally Posted by mellofelow View Post
OIC, the brake. Correct, that's definitely a downgrade feature however it's something I can do without. I use the brake only for calibration and storage.

No, there's no need to calibrate for moving it here and there. In fact, it's a real pain in the arse to fine tune and calibrate true to tension dial. For home use, do it once year. But for every 5 to 10 string jobs, use the digital scale and set the dial to your normal tension (60lb for example). Test the tension and write down the reading. Whatever plus or minus adjust the dial accordingly. For example, if the reading is 58, I'll write it down and dial it up to 62 and test once more. The scale then should read 60. I'll just keep string the machine at 62 until the next calibration.
Ok, so moving it a few feet in the garage each time I need it (obviously once per set of racquets to string), I shouldn't need to recalibrate?

Also, shouldn't there be a screw to just get it to the right tension?
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