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Read my thread:

My full review is in the last couple pages somewhere in there. I have no problems with it but as a eagnas customer, I got treated very nicely and no rudeness whatsoever. The table doesn't not flex or warp in any way believe me I have done tons of racquets so far. I don't notice anything. The table is not that thin either way. Like I said in my review. The worst thing about this machine is no spring assisted clamps. Believe me and trust me when I say the comet 11 is your best option. The machine shouldn't really be based on looks anyway more of performance. If your not willing to get the comet 11, then get the combo 910 both are great machines and much better than the revo. And they're cheaper than the revo and what you get for the revo is uncomparable.
That's your opinion against mine.

Please post your scientific procedure to prove the table does not flex. Have you done measurements against another industrial machine side by side? I've documented mine. The fact is that they all flex, simple law of physics. It's just that the amount of flex from 940 was not acceptable to me. Simply put, it relies on the mounted racquet to absorb that slack.
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