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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Sorry I missed that post bud.

The Kevlar gut blends are pretty good, the bite of the kevlar, but some good pop from the gut.

As far as lux blends go, I actually like how ALU mains and NRG2 crosses play, but that lasts me about half as long as an ALU/VS blend.

The only way to tell for sure is to string up the variations.

How many hours do you get out of your current stringjob?

I can usually get a week out of my current setup of the kevlar and gamma prodigy. With a week being about 14-16 hours. At that point the tension is lost and the strings become rahter unpredictable. Is there a syn gut that you can recommend that you feel is better and how do you feel about a multi in that set-up. I get good feel with the syn. gut and wondering if the longevity of a multi might be longer with similiar feel. If so do you have a multi you sould suggest?

I am probably gonna use the ALU rough for my next job because never tried full poly and just wanna give it a shot.

I was tempted to do the natural gut crosses, but I am afraid I will like it and can definitely not afford that setup.

Thanks for your response!



Thanks for reply.
Pure Drive 107 w/ Kevlar Mains @ 59 and Gamma Prodigy crosses @ 61
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