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Default Other discrepancies

Here are a few more matches in which the ATP stats are different from stats in the print media or TV coverage:

- For Sampras-Ivanisevic, 1998 W final, NBC had counted 306 points as of 1-all, 30-15 in the fifth. I counted 27 more points, for a total of only 333 points in the match, compared to 404 reported at the ATP.

- For Sampras-Ivanisevic, 1995 W SF, the AP and Irish Times report that Sampras led in total points won by 146-145; the ATP has him trailing 175-185.

- For Becker-Agassi, 1995 W SF, the Washington Times had Agassi winning 21 of 53 second serves, while the ATP has 21 of 59.

- For Sampras-Becker, 1995 W final, the ATP stats differ from the Washington Post on the number of points that Becker won in return games (31 instead of the Post's 20), his aces (17 instead of 16) and his double-faults (16 instead of 15). And the ATP’s Total Points Won (309) would yield 7.9 points per game, higher than any confirmed average I know.

- For Sampras-Corretja, 1996 USO QF, the ATP has a total of 431 points played, while other sources have 375 (Washington Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Orange County Register).

- For Sampras-Agassi, 1993 W QF, the ATP has 318 points played, but HBO's count with eight games left has only 224. I counted 48 points remaining, for a total of only 272. And the ATP lists the match as 8 minutes long.

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