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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
Clinic went well I thought. The first one is just to see what I got myself into. It should and will get harder after yesterday.

Things that I went pleasantly well:

-Hollywood has better footwork than I expected. The three forehand drill really showcased with motivation, HW can deliver. Now if he can get those volleys to stick (remember try not to open up that racquet face as much).
-Xisbum is the energizer bunny. He just kept going and going. He really never slowed down once. Impressive.
-TheJRK never looked more consistent than last night. After a slow start, I really never saw him miss to many or by much. Concentration to a maximum, elasticity supreme. Several volley twist around no looks patent JRK.
-The Wookie showed no remorse. I had to keep an eye on him. Why cause he would crack it and it would beam me near the midsection. Just kidding, I'm so use to be in the line of fire that im not too concerned. Now if he can stop chopping down on his volleys, we may have a winna!

Next week boys (and girls)... its backhand and footwork drills. The around the cone drill kills me... I pity the fool.
Good clinic Sup, Xis, JRK, and HW!

I was sweating to get there on time after things blew up right when I was trying to leave. I missed the bat cave entrance to S&P on the first try but still managed to get there about 7.

Sup ran this forehand/volley drill where you have to run around the court. I was ready to die after a minute or two. It was like:

JR - Thinking: " many balls does he have in that cart?...puff..."
Sup: Run! MOVE!!!!!

I have to say HW's footwork looked so good, that I now know why he has a mean shoe game! Plus his backswing is like the getting in the way of the grim reaper! Watch out if you are near HW on forehand drills!

Xisbum kept moving amd made me look like a slug, plus he rocked the red sleveless and the crafty game. Hit some killer angled volleys in the cazy 8 drill. - Xisbum, don't worry. We'll get JRK and HW back. We just have to talk a bit more and I need to stick my volleys.

JRK had the plastic man powers in effect. Plus the he raised his ACE/DF percentage to about 55% which was enough to win most games. It's not right, doen't even look like he's hitting hard, then WHAM!

Sup was was nice enough not to seek revenge after a beaned him. Sorry Dude!
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