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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Hey, shouldn't you be at Oktoberfest?

I need a day off from playing...hit two hours on Wed, three and a half on Thur, and one and a half last night. I'm feeling it!

Just had a nice stroll around Pentagon/Crystal City...had a few errands to run and wanted to pick up my packet for the ATM (even though I'm not running, I had paid for an upgraded t-shirt), and it occurred to me that if I should get hungry, doesn't a certain TWMAC member have an eating establishment in that area? Are we allowed to know what it is called so we may visit? Is there a TWMAC discount???

Speaking of discounts, I stumbled upon the Educator's appreciation weekend at Borders! Score! And, they had 3.99 bargain books....whooo boy, I made out like a bandit!!!
I wasn't there today... and that location is not mine. My location is "coming soon"; soon being a hypothetical it seems.
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