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Default Points Question

Ok, I am relatively new to tennis. I started this Febuary to play for my high school. I picked it up pretty quickly and recently I've started to play a few tournaments. I should be getting points for these tournaments right?

I have played one tournament in GA where I recieved 100 points. That shows up in the "eligible players" when I look in the Southern-Georgia rankings list.

I have played three tournaments in TN where I have got 28 points (that's for one; the other two haven't been updated yet). When I look in the "eligible players" list in the Southern-Tennessee ranknings list, I'm not there. I have to look in the "ineligible players" list so I can see my 28 points.

All these tournaments I have played in the Southern region, right? So all of these points from my GA and TN tournaments should be going toward my Southern rank, correct? Well, when I look in the Southern rankings, I can only find my name under "ineligible players" and I have no points.

Does anyone have an explanation for this?
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