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I remember, that Agassi had a low percentage of first serves in. I think i read somewhat in the 40% range. Not a big server, Agassi needed a better percentage of first serves. That was always a problem for Agassi against Sampras (or later Federer): He tended to overhit his first serve, and put too much pressure on his second serve. In the AO match of 2000, he served somewhat looser, and stayed in the match in crucial situations.
He felt pressure when he played Sampras and later Federer (although he was aging by then) because they are more athletic and overall talented players with more weapons then he had, which isnt the case at all with most people he played. He felt differently playing against guys like that then anyone else, and they got him off some of his own game and patterns. Pressing too much for sure, including on the serve as you said.
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