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Originally Posted by kimbahpnam View Post
Why did the PS 6.0 switch to "6.1" when the design pretty much stayed the same? ie. Why isn't it K-Factor 6.0 Tour 90?
That's the $64,000 Question. My guess is that when they introduced the nCodes, Wilson changed from a numerical nomenclature to an alphabetical one, so "6.1" became "Six-One". If they stayed with the same "SI" rating for the Tour 90, it would have become the "Six-Zero", and perhaps they didn't want to have the name "Zero" associated with their flagship racquet, thus, they changed it also to "Six-One". Of course, it makes almost no sense to anyone to call both the 95 and the Tour 90 both "Six-One" because they are completely different racquets. And just to add to the confusion, they even gave both of the the same paintjob. How annoying is that?
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